Taste Temptations

“Explore our Taste Temptation menu, a symphony of sushi sensations designed to captivate and delight. Each meticulously crafted dish showcases the freshest ingredients, imaginative pairings, and unparalleled skill of our master sushi chefs”. 

sushi boats

Japanese Queen Boat | $100

Includes 5 of our Tokyo Sushi Rolls: Alaska Roll, Special Dynamite Roll, Dancing Eel Roll, Queen Roll and our Miami Roll

Red Sun Boat | $120

Includes 3 Rolls, 2 Sashimi, 2 Nigiri: California Roll, Bikini Roll, South Beach Roll, Sashimi Tuna (4), Sashimi King Salmon (4), Yellowtail Nigiri (2) + Unagi Nigri (2)


NIGIRI | $12

NIGIRI KING SALMON Two pieces of rice with salmon, lemon zest.

NIGIRI TUNA Two pieces of rice with tuna.

NIGIRI YELLOWTAIL Two pieces of rice with yellowtail.

NIGIRI SPICY TUNA Two pieces of rice with spicy tuna and chives.

NIGIRI UNAGI Two pieces of rice with eel and eel sauce.




SASHIMI SPICY TUNA Spicy tuna paste and cucumber (4)

SASHIMI YELLOWTAIL 4 Slices of yellowtail.

SASHIMI EEL 4 Slices of eel.

SASHIMI KING SALMON 4 Slices of salmon.

SASHIMI TUNA 4 Slices of tuna.


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EDAMAME | $7 Soybeans and coarse salt.

WAKAME | $7 Wakame ration.

SAUTEED EDAMAME | $12 Soybeans, sautéed in oyster and soy sauce with a touch of garlic and sweet pepper.

KANI SALAD | $18 Wakame, dynamite, crispy crab, salmon, and chili oil.

WAKATE SALAD | $22 Wakame, dynamite, tuna cubes, tempura salmon cubes, avocado, sesame seeds in ponzu sauce.

SUPER CRUNCH SHRIMP | $12 6 pieces of crispy battered shrimp and eel sauce.

WAKAME FUJI | $22 Wakame, crab, salmon, octopus and fuji sauce.

TUNA TATAKI | $20 Tuna loin marinated and sealed with toasted sesame seeds in a yellow chili pepper sauce and pickled onion.

TWISTED TUNA | $18 Fine slices of tuna, accompanied by red onion, sweet pepper and sesame with wakame topping in ponzu sauce.

CRAB-SALMON | $18 Thin slices of salmon, fresh basil cream, crispy crab, avocado cubes and chive drizzle.

YELLOWTAIL PASSION | $18 Fine slices of yellowtail, marinated in passion fruit coulis, coriander and lemon vinaigrette.

TUNA TARTARE | $18 Tuna cubes, mustard, sweet pepper julienne, avocado and sesame oil.



ALASKA | $20 Stuffed with fresh salmon with avocado and cream cheese with sesame seeds topping.

CALIFORNIA | $20 Stuffed with crab, cucumber and avocado with masago and sesame seeds topping.

DANCING EEL | $20 Stuffed with salmon, avocado, cucumber, with masago and sesame seeds, eel on top.

ALASKA SPECIAL | $20 Stuffed with salmon, avocado and cream cheese with salmon and avocado topping.

SPECIAL DYNAMITE | $20 Stuffed with filled crab with dynamite paste and avocado with sesame seeds, crab and wakame.

EBI ROLL | $20 Stuffed with crab, salmon, avocado and cream cheese covered in avocado with crispy shrimp.

SPICY TUNA | $18 Stuffed with tuna, avocado, echalote with spicy tuna and sriracha on top.




TOKYO CLUB ROLL | $35 Our Tokyo Signature Roll! Eel, shrimp tempura, cream cheese and scallions, avocado, rolled inside out with 24K authentic gold paper with tuna, ikura with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

SUPER CRAB ROLL | $24 Crispy yellowtail, cream cheese, chives and avocado with plantain topping, dynamite crab, crispy shrimp in panko sauce and eel.

SEXY ROLL | $24 Stuffed with kani, crispy panko shrimp, cream cheese with avocado topping, dynamite, salmon in Tokyo sauce.

BEAUTIFUL ISLAND | $24 Hamachi, avocado, cream cheese, scallion, wakame and sesame seeds topping, dynamite pasta bathed in eel sauce.

QUEEN ROLL | $24 Stuffed with tuna, Hamachi and avocado topped with eel, avocado and salmon with Tokyo sauce on top.

MIAMI ROLL | $22 Tempura shrimp, crab, cream cheese and avocado, with plantain topping in fuji sauce.

SOUTH BEACH | $24 Filled with salmon, shrimp, cream cheese and scallion, with crispy crab, shrimp and caviar topping.

NIGHT TO REMEMBER | $24 Salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese with a topping of melted Brie cheese with pistachio, bathed in Fuji sauce.

POP ROLL | $22 Tempura shrimp, octopus, crab, cream cheese, wakame topping, chives and crispy shrimp pieces in fuji sauce.

4 AMIGOS | $24 Tuna, cream cheese, crab and chives topped with fresh salmon, yellowtail and spicy mayo.

CRISPY SALMON | $22 Filled with tempura salmon with salmon topping, melted Brie cheese and crispy crab bathed in eel sauce.

SUPER FISH | $24 Fresh salmon with crab, cucumber, shrimp and cream cheese. Topping of dynamite pasta, crispy crab, in honey mustard sauce and eel sauce.

SUPER PROTEIN | $24 Roll without rice, stuffed with salmon, yellowtail, crab and tuna.


TEMPURA QUEEN | $22 Stuffed with tempura shrimp, salmon, cream cheese with tempura shrimp in honey mustard sauce.

BIKINI ROLL | $22 Filled with poached shrimp, avocado and cilantro with dynamite pasta, masago ,eel and hot pepper sauce topping.

VULCAN ROLL | $22 Stuffed with tempura shrimp, crab and cream cheese with crispy shrimp topping and spicy mayo sauce.


SALMON BOWL | $30 Rice base with salmon cubes marinated in mayo-sriracha, accompanied by caramelized pineapple, edamame, pickled onions, wakame, avocado and chives.

TUNA BOWL | $30 Rice base with tuna cubes marinated in honey mustard, chives and sesame. Topped with thin slices of radish, cucumber and edamame, avocado and crispy crab.

OCTOPUS BOWL | $30 Rice base with poached octopus marinated in sesame ponzu, accompanied by pickled cabbage, avocado, edamame, caramelized pineapple, baby corn and crispy onions.

SHRIMP BOWL | $30 Rice base with grilled shrimp, wakame, avocado, orange segments, pickled radish and marinated coleslaw.







MOCHI ICE CREAM | $12 Small, round confection consisting of a delicious soft, pounded sticky rice dumpling (mochi) formed around an ice cream filling -Served with Mango, Strawberry + Chocolate.

TOKYO CAKE | $12 Chocolate and caramel cracker with a ball of vanilla ice cream.

A 20% Service Charge and Sales Tax are Added to Your Check.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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