“Discover Tokyo Club, the best Miami Karaoke Restaurant where South Beach Sushi comes alive. Nestled in the heart of South Beach, our venue shines as the top destination for Miami Beach Sushi & Karaoke lovers. Relish the taste of the best sushi South Beach has to offer, while diving into an expansive karaoke song list. Whether you’re craving authentic Japanese delicacies or eager to unleash your vocal prowess, Tokyo Club is the prime spot. Join us and see why we’re the talk of Miami for sushi and karaoke aficionados. An unforgettable evening in South Beach awaits!”


A Modern Take on Best Sushi South Beach

Tokyo Club Sushi & Karaoke Bar: Your Premier Miami Karaoke Restaurant.

Hidden in South Beach’s bustling streets, Tokyo Club Sushi & Karaoke Bar is where the finest South Beach Sushi meets melodious tunes. Experience the best sushi South Beach has to offer, crafted with traditional Japanese precision. Complement your meal with our one-of-a-kind cocktails and an abundant range of Sake. Perfectly blending the Miami Beach Sushi & Karaoke essence, we’re a haven for sushi aficionados and karaoke lovers alike. For a symphony of flavors and sounds, Tokyo Club is the place. Dive into sushi rolls and hit those high notes with us!


Exceptional Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service is essential for our restaurant. Attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable staff will be able to explain to you different types of sushi, suggest pairings with drinks, and accommodate any dietary restrictions will leave a lasting impression on our diners. Personalized service that makes each guest feel valued and well-cared.

Quality and Freshness of Ingredients

Our sushi sushi restaurant sources high-quality, fresh ingredients, especially seafood, will attract customers who appreciate the importance of freshness in sushi. Fresh fish not only tastes better but also has a better texture, which significantly impacts the overall sushi experience. We ensure that ingredients such as sushi rice, nori, and vegetables are also of high quality further enhances the dining experience.

Authentic and Unique Atmosphere

Tokyo Club South Beach offers an authentic and unique atmosphere can help transport diners to Japan and create an immersive dining experience. Additionally, offering unique or innovative menu items and promoting sustainable practices can further enhance the restaurant’s value.

Our Signature Miami Beach Sushi & Karaoke Delights

Poke Bowl


Sushi Rolls


Arroyo Arroyo

Incredible sushi spot in the heart of south beach, side entrance on the south side of Fairwinds hotel at 1000 Collins! Beautiful interior and layout. I got the Sexy Roll and the 4 Amigos, thank you to the bartender Jordan for the exquisite Japanese dragon Cocktail.

Liz Lopez

I don’t know how to describe this place it’s absolutely beautiful the sushi was delicious and everything was fresh. I tried their aperol cocktail which was fresh and perfectly flavored. we will definitely be back.

Yoan Q

This place is amazing. They offer a truly exquisite culinary experience, combining a warm and inviting atmosphere with impeccably crafted dishes. The talented chefs work with utmost precision to create a diverse menu that caters to various palates, using only the freshest ingredients. Tokyo Club is an extraordinary gem that promises to elevate your appreciation for the art of Japanese cuisine.

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